Building Foundational BIM for More Predictable Project Outcomes

    Our BIM for Owners Workshop is your gateway to transforming how buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. In this dynamic and interactive workshop, you'll uncover the secrets of BIM technology that leading industry professionals use to revolutionize the construction and real estate sectors. Whether you're new to BIM or looking to deepen your knowledge, our workshop offers a comprehensive program tailored to your needs. 

    Course Overview

    This virtual workshop helps building owners extract more value, reduce risk, and realize more predictable outcomes by understanding and leveraging Building Information Management (BIM). Attendees will learn the "What" and the "Why" of comprehensive BIM from an owner's perspectiveacrossthe entire building lifecycle. Participants will earn a certificate of completion.

    The BIM for Owners workshop focuses on an owner-centric approach that enables best practice implementation of BIM processes and provides a "firm foundation" for any downstream BIM-based use case needed by the owner. This Foundational BIM ensures deliverables from the designers and general contractors benefit the owner by establishing a worthy foundation for digital twins, operations, and other downstream use cases during the entire building lifecycle.

    Training Fee: $2,500

    Format: Virtual, Instructor-led


    • September 9–13;  9am-2pm PST | 12-5 EST
    • December 9–13;  9am-2pm PST | 12-5 EST

    Who Should Attend:
    This workshop is designed for building owners who are committed to adopting cutting-edge technology to optimize their asset management strategy. Whether you own commercial, residential, or mixed-use properties, our workshop will provide valuable insights and skills that can be applied to any building type. 

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    *Government personnel are eligible for a 10% discount. Industry participants receive a 10% discount for registering 10+ students.


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    Key Takeaways

    Learn how BIM can streamline your operations, from pre-construction planning to long-term maintenance, helping you save time and money.

    With BIM's precise and real-time data, make more informed decisions about your property, leading to higher quality outcomes and increased tenant satisfaction.

    Discover how to use BIM to create more sustainable buildings, comply with evolving regulations, and achieve certifications that enhance your building's market value.

    Engage with other forward-thinking building owners, industry experts, and BIM professionals. Exchange ideas, experiences, and strategies for implementing BIM in your operations.

    Our workshop doesn't just tell you about the benefits of BIM; it shows you. Participate in live practical sessions that will empower you to apply BIM strategies to your properties effectively.

    Walk away from this workshop with a BIM action plan that your company can use to leverage BIM and enhance business outcomes.

    Course Topics


    • What are the building blocks of Owner-centric BIM  
    • Turning Owner’s challenges and obstacles into opportunities  
    • How to make BIM produce results and elevate ROI  
    • Establishing effective BIM metrics to measure success  
    • Launching Foundational BIM Standards  
    • Engaging a BIM Integrator-the project manager of the Virtual Building 
    • How to establish Data Standards to manage the “I” in BIM  
    • Establishing an Owner-sponsored Common Data Environment 
    • Best practices for Foundational BIM Standards  
    • Creating the Owner-authored BEP Template–the core of Owner-centric BIM Standards 
    • Creating the Owner-authored BEP Template–the core of Owner-centric BIM Standards 
    • How Digital Twins can provide real-time feedback for enhanced decision making 
    • BIM-based building performance and sustainability 
    • GIS integration 
    • How to use Reality capture to establish reliable as-built conditions  
    • Establishing a BIM PMO to operationalize BIM for the enterprise  
    • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced decision-making  
    • Seeking assistance-what to look for in a BIM/Digital Twin consultant
    • How to make a BIM Program “sticky” 

    The Benefits of BIM PMO

    Communication between project stakeholders and project vendors to maximize awareness of BIM-centric activities.

    Collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the PMO and BIM process delivery.

    Correlate the varied activities of the BIM-centric workflow so that all the enterprise project stakeholders pull together to achieve PMO goals.


    Sustainability Integration 


    Plan: Determine scalability & financial impacts.


    Design: Simulate ‘what-if’ options to maximize efficiencies.


    Construct: Monitor construction & data aggregation.


    Deploy: Transition static BIMs to dynamic performance DT framework.


    Operate: Monitor real-time performance to maximize efficiencies.

    About the Facilitator



    John StebbinsJohn Stebbins is a pioneer in building information modeling (BIM) with over three decades of experience in digital design and construction technologies. Renowned for his expertise in BIM strategy, project planning, and execution, John has earned widespread respect within the industry. He shares his wealth of knowledge through teaching roles at institutions like Orange Coast College and the University of Southern California, where he imparts invaluable insights into BIM methodologies.

    An avid advocate for BIM's transformative potential, John has delivered numerous lectures, seminars, and workshops throughout California and Arizona. His dedication to spreading awareness and facilitating hands-on learning experiences underscores his commitment to advancing the field.

    John holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Iowa State University, providing a solid foundation for his comprehensive understanding of built environments. Throughout his career, he has remained steadfast in his mission to empower others through practical education and immersive learning opportunities.

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    Cancellation Policy 
    If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, you may transfer to another course at no additional charge within 12 months of the course you originally registered for or you may receive a refund of your original registration rate, less a $200.00 administrative fee. Refund or transfer requests must be made at least 15 days prior to the course start date. No transfers or refunds will be made within 14 days of the course start date. Participant substitutions can be made at any time. If you have questions, please

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