With new technology being developed daily, risks can change just as quickly. Our security and risk management consultants develop plans to help you protect your information, assets, people, and reputation.

    In this ever-changing world of security risks, you must continually assess your facilities, policies, and procedures. Our team of security and risk management experts will partner with you to build effective, timely, and relevant solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    We do this by creating overarching protection strategies that focus on establishing a solid foundation. We then build on that base to meet emerging threats and operational needs--always considering what’s next. Utilizing a security risk management model, we consider threat alignment in all our projects to maintain context and relevancy. This approach provides you with the most effective solutions.

    Our team has addressed security and risk management concerns on some of the nation’s most complex and secure campuses. We’ve provided trusted security advisory services to some of the country's most elite and powerful clients. You can rest assured that all angles are covered by Anser Advisory's security professionals.

    Contact us today to learn how we can make your project a success, or scroll down for additional information about our security and risk management consulting capabilities, offerings, and more.

    Our Capabilities

    Trusted Security Advisor

    Our advisors become crucial members of the teams they support. Typically, we advise the C-suite or at the highest levels of the organization.

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    Physical Security

    The goal of each of our assessments is to provide a clear picture of the current situation and to make sound recommendations to meet our customers’ requirements.

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    Emergency & Workplace Planning

    Establish emergency and workplace plans that address security policies and procedures, insider threats, weaknesses in information security, emergency and crisis preparedness, and crime and liability exposure.

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    Shields are time-tested protection against attacks from an active threat. R-SHIELD™ combines powerful technology with premier security expertise to provide a customized plan to protect against critical risks.

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    Featured Offer

    How can you ensure physical security?

    Security starts with understanding threats and culminates with an action plan focusing on the immediate, near, and long terms. Our team is ready to address your security challenges. 

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