We draw our BIM expertise from experience as a trusted advisor to some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

    With an elite team of high-performing leaders and innovators, who have worked in all facets of the built world, we work with our clients to deploy the people, process and technology to optimize our clients use of BIM.

    Accelerating project success through BIM

    • Building Information Modeling – the business process
    • Building Information Model – the digital representation
    • Building Information Management – the organization and processes
    • Improve coordination and reduce the volume and cost of change orders
    • Reduce claims resulting from poor construction documentation
    • Leverage industry best practices familiar to the AEC supply chain
    • Align BIM coordination from design to construction and operations
    • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all team members
    •  Set objectives, deliverables and deadlines and deliverables
    •  Codify requirements in a contractually enforceable format
    •  Oversee and guide the corporate BIM program
    •  Introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects
    •  Ensure project success is linked to corporate goals
    •  Facilitate continuous improvement with lessons learned shared enterprise-wide
    •  Track and resolve constructability issues
    •  Automate spatial coordination and clash detection
    •  Validate the record model for handover to operations
    •  Align all work groups throughout each phase of a project
    •  Improve collaboration among subcontractors
    •  Codify requirements in a contractually enforceable format
    •  Reduce claims resulting from poor construction documentation

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