Cost estimating is a complex, sophisticated profession that combines concepts from such disciplines as accounting, budgeting, computer science, economics, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and even marketing and public affairs.

    Our clients’ success hinges on smart financial management that includes accurate and meaningful analysis of budget, cost, performance, and value. Having a realistic estimate of projected costs makes for effective resource allocation, and it increases the probability of a program’s success.

    Our experts use cost or price models to estimate the costs or price of a product or project. The results of the models are factored into business plans, budgets, and other financial planning and tracking mechanisms.

    Activity-based costing is another type of costing method we practice that assigns more indirect costs into direct costs and can be a cost-saving model if it is applicable to your organization’s products and or services.

    Our experts provide solutions based on collecting and analyzing historical data and applying quantitative models, techniques, and other tools, to predict a program’s future cost. We take the time to define the effort to develop, analyze, and document cost estimates with analytical approaches and techniques that fit your goals and will equip you with the data needed to make strategic decisions.

    Our team is dedicated to continuously optimizing business performance, identifying risks through thorough analysis and then transforming them into opportunities, and developing strategies to enhance your organization’s value and quality.

    Our experts provide:

    • Lifecycle cost estimating

    • Cost-benefit analysis

    • Budget analysis

    • Investment analysis

    • Activity-based costing (ABC)

    • Cost recovery modeling

    • Cost modeling

    • Price modeling

    • Cost realism

    • Advisory, consulting, and subject-matter expert support

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