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    Utility & Energy Solutions


    The Future of Energy

    Anser Advisory’s Utility and Energy capital project management practice is collaboratively preparing owners, utilities, and power providers for the evolving complexities of demand, growth, decarbonization, decentralization, reliability, and resiliency. Working side by side with our clients, we create a future that enhances the responsiveness and efficiency of utilities and energy while meeting the capacity and resiliency demanded of a modern, digitized infrastructure and dynamic grid.

    Navigating You

    We understand transitions of this scale do not happen overnight.  We are aligned with our customers in pursuing energy efficiency, utility stability, and holistic sustainability.  Our experienced team will work with you from ideation through execution, helping with everything from capital project management and procurement to construction management and project closeout.  Our Innovations Team further enhances your consulting experience as they are skilled in integrating dynamic technology advancements.


    As our need for electric energy continues to grow, so does Anser’s expertise to support the modernization of our electric grid, advancement of distributed energy resources (DERs), distribution automation, energy storage, microgrids, systems inspections, and obsolescence replacements, distribution reliability upgrades, asset management, and transformational reliability improvement programs. We have completed many transmission and distribution projects, including infrastructure replacement projects, rebuilds, and green field projects, coordinating successfully with multiple stakeholders, including contractors, customers, communities, and regulatory authorities.

    Anser utilizes a proactive team approach to substation construction, replacements, upgrades, and decommissioning, working in lockstep with our customers to meet their long-term capital project management needs.  Our experts start with budgeting and preplanning, coordinating permitting, community outreach, and managing the entire project management lifecycle from inception through installation, commissioning, and project closeout.  Our team of experienced project and construction managers are industry-tested, highly experienced utility professionals.

    The challenges facing power generators today combine issues from aging infrastructure to staffing limitations. All while trying to deliver a stable power supply at low operational costs with a focus on green energy, our Anser project management professionals can assist you with digitizing operations and feasibility studies for renewable and conventional power generation, and our team will be with you from inception to operations.

    Anser has been involved in some of the country’s most innovative grid modernization projects. We help utilities modernize their power assets and operations by assisting them to transition into “smart grid” applications, improving operational flexibility and awareness, and integrating utility and customer-owned renewables. Our industry-leading renewable and T&D experience, combined with our experience with energy storage technologies, means we have the expertise to push the boundaries of innovation and advance our clients’ grid needs.

    Energy storage solutions are critical for grid management and improved resiliency as renewable energy increases.  Our broad range of project management services and our experienced technical resources allow us to thoroughly support project planning, owner engineering, procurement, construction, interconnections, and commissioning. Our team has been on the cutting edge to advance the industry standards and supported the installations of some of the most significant energy storage projects in the world at the time of installation.

    Anser Advisory is keenly aware of the challenges posed by renewable energy including securing funding, outlining the business case, the utility scale interconnection process, applications, grid impact studies, protection, and integration with energy storage. As you bolster your renewable resource portfolio, we serve as your partners in developing your strategy and providing the technical aptitude to execute. We help our clients navigate the technical and non-technical processes to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and reduce cost.  Our full suite of services, including program planning, project management, engineering, cost controls, construction management, grant management, commissioning, and project closeout, are utilized in executing work with our clients.

    In today's dynamic landscape, the importance of clean transportation cannot be overstated. With escalating concerns over environmental sustainability and climate change, the transition to cleaner modes of transportation has become imperative. Vehicle electrification and hydrogen technology stand at the forefront of this transformation, offering efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. At Anser Advisory, we recognize our clients and utilities' critical role in facilitating this transition. Our expertise lies in assisting our clients in ideating, analyzing, developing, and delivering projects centered around vehicle electrification and hydrogen technology. We provide feasibility studies that clearly explain the business case, ensure smooth integration into existing infrastructure, and equip our clients with data to enhance decision-making, maximizing investment returns and environmental benefits. With our strategic guidance and comprehensive solutions, our clients can confidently navigate the complexities of clean mobility, driving towards a greener, more sustainable future.

    Gas infrastructure is paramount in the United States, as it is a crucial energy source for heating, power generation, and industrial processes. The reliability and resilience of this infrastructure are essential to ensure a safe, uninterrupted supply and mitigate potential disruptions. Anser Advisory specializes in assisting utilities with their capital programs by providing comprehensive solutions including strategic planning, project management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance to enhance gas infrastructure projects' efficiency, safety, and sustainability, ultimately benefiting both utilities and consumers.  Our expanding expertise also puts us at the forefront of developing hydrogen portfolio initiatives for our utility customers.

    Corporate real estate facilities are critical for utilities as they are the backbone of essential services that power our everyday lives. These facilities house crucial infrastructure and personnel necessary for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity, water, and gas. Ensuring their proper functioning and maintenance is vital to guarantee uninterrupted service delivery, emergency response, and infrastructure resilience, ultimately safeguarding public safety and well-being. Since 2013, Anser has been an essential partner for utilities, delivering capital programs for various real estate facilities and programs such as fleet electrification.

    Smart City and Microgrid projects play a crucial role for utilities by addressing the growing energy and sustainability challenges urban and rural areas face. These projects integrate advanced technologies, data analytics, and renewable energy sources to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and promote resilience. Anser has been at the forefront of supporting utilities advancing these technologies through demonstration projects.


    With over 300 full-time employees supporting utilities and public agencies nationwide, we are well-positioned to help our clients using our experience with power generation, transmission, sub-transmission, distribution, and end-use projects.  We have the technical expertise and execution capabilities to provide tailored contract solutions or staff augmentation capabilities to support our clients' changing needs. Our leadership team members average over 30 years of direct industry experience and all senior managers have at least 15 years of experience serving utility clients.

    We pride ourselves on providing the right people at the right time, fulfilling our clients’ growing needs through the dedication of our robust Talent Acquisition Department.  These tenured professionals know the unique nature of Utility and Energy positions.


    A project’s outcome is contingent upon many factors. We bring deep industry knowledge of those factors to ensure that the results match our client’s expectations while fitting into schedule and budget constraints.

    As your trusted advisor, Anser Advisory will guide the process, providing you with the information and data to make informed decisions. Our services focus on:

    • Program Management
    • Project Management
    • Construction Management
    • Field Engineering
    • Owner’s Engineer
    • Engineering Consulting
    • Customer Outreach
    • Construction & Outage Planning
    • Clearance Writing
    • Project Controls
    • Data Analytics & Automation

    • Document Control Compliance Support
    • Advisory Services
    • System Planning
    • Generation Interconnection
    • Grant Writing, Management & Support
    • Long Range Planning Consultancy
    • Estimating
    • Procurement Management & Support
    • Scheduling