Our security/risk management experts will put your mind at ease with a comprehensive emergency management plan whether you are in a high-threat environment or a typical office.

    Employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment. This starts with the development of a comprehensive emergency management plan. The purpose of emergency planning is to protect life, safety, and property by reducing the potential for future damages and economic losses resulting from the identified threats, whether natural, accidental, or man-made.

    Our employees routinely work in traditional, high-threat environments, and sensitive workplaces, integrating emergency planning into routine business operations. From identifying the threats and vulnerabilities that may jeopardize the safety or operations of your assets, Anser Advisory works with leadership to develop and define response actions for each risk scenario and identify the roles and responsibilities of staff during an event through recovery.

    Our experts provide:

    • Emergency and crisis planning

    • Business continuity

    • Insider threats

    • Workplace violence

    • Policies and procedures

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