Once a contract is awarded, our contract management professionals are expertly trained in managing contract compliance, contract communications, vendor audits and evaluations, and contract specialist administration.

    Many of our experts have been government contracting officers (COs) or trained as contracting officer technical representatives (COTRs). This provides special advantages to our clients as we have been in their seats at one time or another.

    The administration of an active contract requires a heads-up mentality that sets a path for success for all contract participants. This includes a detailed contract kick-off meeting to lay out requirements and common pitfalls, but also to show a partnering spirit with vendors and project staff alike. Diligent record keeping is an absolute, as are formal milestone notifications along the way.

    Our experts provide:

    • Statements of work (SOWs)

    • Source selections

    • Justification and approvals

    • Negotiations

    • Contract modifications and changes

    • Contract management

    • Contract closeout

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