Anser Higher Education Solutions

Anser’s Experience

Anser’s higher education team currently advises on and oversees $40B of capital spend in the U.S. with programs and individual projects that regularly exceed $100M in value.

Our team of experts possess acute expertise developed from successfully delivering education projects in both traditional and alternative delivery environments.

Our personnel are specifically selected and assembled with our individual client’s needs in mind to ensure the appropriate resources are available. Each possesses extensive local building knowledge, while simultaneously leveraging national alternative project delivery capabilities.

Anser’s Commitment

Anser provides a single advisory solution across all phases of your program, allowing for more efficiencies, reduced risk, and improved outcomes.

Our team of professionals are highly experienced in the management of capital projects of various sizes and complexities and are committed to supporting clients and stakeholders as we guide them through regulatory approval and funding decisions.

We understand the overlapping issues of municipalities, private developers and institutions, and how to guide a process that develops consensus and leads to timely decision making, while maintaining the overall vision of our clients.

Anser’s Responsiveness

What sets Anser apart is our ability to listen to our clients and strategically partner with them to develop and implement innovative solutions. We build relationships on trust and strong communication and we enjoy being able to share our extensive higher education experience with clients.

Anser Solutions

Anser is qualified to provide a wide range of management consulting services that address every phase of the capital development process:

  • Program development, funding, and financial support
  • Program, project, and construction management
  • Executive advisory
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