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    To date, our water & wastewater professionals have managed over $5B in projects nationwide, many with repeat clients. The heart of our company is our people, and we form lifelong relationships with our clients, delivering construction success through a wide range of program management, construction management, construction inspection, and other related services.

    Undertaking a construction project is a complex and challenging endeavor and our commitment to stellar construction management processes is evident in the highly trained team members we bring to projects. Because we’re independent from the designer and contractor, we can also ensure your best interest is always kept at the forefront of any project.

    Our Solutions

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    We are water experts, answering every water & wastewater challenge with a breadth of services to suit every project’s needs. Our construction managers and inspectors proactively minimize construction risk, cost, and impact on operations, while guaranteeing the highest quality construction. Our expertise ensures your project is completed safely, on time and in budget.

    Our program management services proactively minimize construction risk, cost, and impact on current operations, while guaranteeing the highest quality construction. Your program will be carefully planned using best practices that define and align responsibility with experienced design and construction professionals.

    With us performing as your managing agent, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers have one point of contact in an often-complex facility system. We take the reins of an extensive, diverse team or program and guide it successfully toward meeting your objectives.

    Our construction management services ensure a project’s success by meeting expectations of quality, time and cost. By managing risks and controlling costs, we focus on achieving the end-result, while monitoring the ongoing details. This comprehensive management at every stage of the project includes pre-construction planning, complete construction oversight, and post-construction services.

    We are the industry’s leading experts in construction management and our relationships with material suppliers, contractors, and design professionals are four decades strong. We take care of the nitty gritty in scheduling conflicts, costs, and claims avoidance, so that you can focus on what really matters: your community.

    Your plans are our priority. Our inspectors are accurate and proactive with their documentation of manpower, supplies, equipment, weather conditions and testing taking place at your project site. Your plans, specifications, and approved construction practices are our priority, with any deviations brought to your immediate attention. We care about the quality as well as the quantities involved with your project, and we know you do too.

    We have and assisted in the preparation of Critical Path Methodology (CPM) schedules on public sector construction projects for over 40 years. Schedules assembled by our team establish realistic performance periods and identify long lead time materials and equipment. The result is a cost effective, valuable management tool that assists your team in realizing a project on-time and within budget.

    Owners and contractors recognize the power of a well-developed schedule for both guiding performance during construction and as a valuable aid in project management analysis, control and success. A thorough schedule requires an equally thorough understanding of the sequencing processes that must occur from preconstruction to completion. We always have the project owner’s best interests in mind; that’s why after the schedule is developed, our team conducts regular periodic updates, continually looking for potential conflicts that may impact the remainder of the project, such as claims resolution.

    Most design errors occur when two or more disciplines merge on a project. No matter the size, all projects benefit from a constructability review – we minimize or eliminate potential change orders and delay claims during construction by ensuring that the construction documents are fully coordinated, complete and buildable.

    Our approach utilizes the skill set of key personnel with extensive construction backgrounds to determine what is practical in the design documents and how a contractor would approach them, while removing complicated and confusing design issues. All of this results in a clear understanding of project goals, key design elements and the timeline for deliverables between both our team and yours that significantly reduces the possible number and frequency of change orders, claims and schedule delays.

    We assist clients in the evaluation of a planned construction project to determine what is attainable in terms of cost and schedule. We work with the owner’s staff and design professionals to identify costs at various stages in the project and establish budget contingencies for the project as well as methods to control those costs and contingencies.

    When determining these estimates, we utilize a wide variety of tools including state-of-the-art software solutions, as well as our construction knowledge and experience, to determine accurate, anticipated costs. However, no matter the tool or latest version of software employed, there is no substitute for experience in the cost and availability of materials, labor and equipment. Our team of experts balance real-world experience and relationships with the latest tools to accurately estimate your project.

    Our unique understanding puts project owners first. More than 100 public owners have benefited from our in-house team of legal professionals, comprised of licensed engineers, attorneys and construction professionals, in the resolution of contract, insurance and surety bond-related claims and disputes that arise from the design and construction of major capital projects. Claims avoidance, mitigation and resolution are key components of our expertise, which sets us apart from our competitors.

    We utilize our unique understanding of the design process, contract language, scheduling, construction techniques, costs and construction law to put project owner’s best interests first. We provide you with the critical information you need to mitigate construction claims and minimize the impact of late finishes, unpredicted costs, assessments of damages, claims, and litigation that may result from poor contract documents or management.