Digital twins have the power to transform an organization through the insights and use cases that they deliver. We understand the power of the digital thread to also deliver transformational and positive improvements.

    Anser Advisory works with owners to develop digital twin solutions that work for their business processes. Our digital twin solutions provide support to owners seeking to deliver and manage large and complex portfolios of new construction, tenant improvement/retrofit, and on-going operations throughout the digital building lifecycle.

    Digital Twin Use Case Examples

    We work with our clients to understand their priorities and develop digital twin solutions that deliver on their business needs. Here are some examples of our digital twin uses cases.


    • Simulation of urban/campus level impact using models and real-world data sets
    • Space planning and optimization using historical data and generative design platforms
    • Extended reality (MR/AR/VR) design reviews
    • Design visualization with real-world constraints and context (e.g. geospatial, point cloud)
    • Automated code compliance validation using digital models
    • Construction cost optimization using 5D models and supply chain data.
    • Schedule optimization using 4D models and real-world data sets (geospatial, weather)
    • Real-time construction process and materials monitoring using IoT, reality capture and Unmanned Autonomous Systems
    • As-built inspection and validation using models, reality capture and mixed reality systems
    • Field inspection and issues tracking with mobile devices, reality capture systems and computer vision (AI) technology
    • Health and safety compliance monitoring with reality capture systems and computer vision (AI) technology
    • As-built data integration with O&M/FM systems
    • Real-time facility and asset monitoring with integrated IoT and operational systems
    • Wayfinding for facility users and operators with geospatial technologies
    • Employee health and safety monitoring with integrated IoT and operational systems
    • Extended reality (MR/AR/VR) operational training for complex and dangerous equipment and systems
    • Predictive maintenance for equipment and systems using IoT systems and AI technology
    • Emergency event simulation and response planning
    • Space utilization (workstation, parking, monitoring and analysis with integrated IoT and operational systems
    • Building Energy Modeling and optimization using models and virtual sensors
    • Building performance monitoring and analysis using IoT systems
    • Embodied Carbon simulation and optimization during planning and design
    • Embodied Carbon tracking and management during construction
    • Smart Utilities
    • Parking optimization and availability
    • Real-time sensor data aggregation at scale
    • City planning with real-time data
    • Building energy performance and simulation
    • Planning and design simulation

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