Project Info

Smart Cities


The Challenges

Anser provides advisory and technical services to the utility to support a smart city demonstration project. The smart city project will leverage ongoing distributed control architecture and improved planning processes that include an increased understanding of customer technology adoption and increased integration with city planning and distributed energy resource permitting processes. The project seeks to meet the following objectives:

  • Increase coordination between electric system and urban planning;
  • Coordinate infrastructure construction activities within a city;
  • Streamline the interconnection process through automated systems between the utility and a city;
  • Partner with cities to engage more customers in renewable resources (e.g. community solar PV, community storage) and creating more opportunities for electric transportation;
  • Work with clients to customize their resource portfolio to meet a climate action plan goal;
  • Leverage assets (e.g. telecommunications, right of ways);
  • Coordinate communication on energy programs (e.g. energy efficiency, demand response, charge ready, green rate); and
  • Assist large customers (i.e., cities as an energy customers) in more efficiently utilizing their energy resources and improving resiliency for critical operations centers (e.g., emergency command centers).