Project Info

Lasell College
Multiple renovation & upgrade projects
Size l Delivery Method:  Various l Various
Owner’s Project Management
Newton, Massachusetts

The Challenges

Anser has worked with Lasell College as owner’s project manager on various projects since 2011. Projects include:
Valentine Dining Hall:  Renovation and upgrade of the dining hall. The project included changing the typical ‘production line’ approach to serving meals to implementing designated serving stations for different types of food. Kiosks were individually equipped with preparation and cooking capabilities.
Woodland Hall Dormitories: Anser managed the renovation, which included all common areas, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, new finishes, new roof, as well as accessibility upgrades to the building. Woodland Dormitory is connected to Edwards Hall, an administrative office building, and Valentine Hall, involving significant coordination and phasing of construction to minimize disruption to the Valentine project and operation of administrative services.
Science and Technology Center: Anser served as owner’s project manager for the facility renovation. Previously, these functions were held in two buildings, Wass and Wolfe Halls. Wass Hall was demolished and Wolfe received an extensive renovation and addition to create new general education and science program space. The project included right sized classrooms and increased spatial efficiencies, integrating student life opportunities while allowing for flexibility of future program needs.