Project Info

City of Akron
Middlebury Separation
Construction Management Services
Akron, Ohio

The Challenges

H.R. Gray, an Anser Advisory Company, was selected by the City of Akron to provide construction management services for the Middlebury Separation – Green Infrastructure Project (CSO Racks 5 & 7), which is part of the City of Akron CSO program. This project consisted of separating the previously combined sewers in the Middlebury area into individual sanitary and storm systems, with the storm system outletting into a newly constructed wetlands area. These actions improved water quality by controlling combined sewer overflows. Residents also saw full width pavement restoration on streets where the new sewers were installed, with green infrastructure built into the surrounding area. Technical improvements included asbestos abatement and demolition of two previous commercial structures for the relocation of an existing parking lot and the construction of a 1.8-acre wetlands area. The sewer separation construction consists of 3,600LF of waterline relocation, 4,400LF of new sanitary sewers, 16,600LF of new storm sewers, and 9,900LF of CIPPL sewer rehabilitation. Incorporated in the new sewer main construction is the separation of all commercial and residential storm and sanitary systems with connections to the new mains.