This comprehensive construction site scheduling, reporting, and surveillance system is the next generation of specialized construction management. Real-time dashboard tracking of project status and progress using sensors, readers, and video creates remote visibility and actionable influence by the owner — and ultimately project success.

    Effective management of today’s complex construction projects requires real-time data gathering and analysis to understand, predict, and influence time and cost outcomes. That is why Anser Advisory teamed with Eyrus® to create SiteView™. We work directly with the Eyrus® development team, providing project set-up, in-depth schedule analysis and automation features, and integration of project schedules with pay applications. The outcome is an accurate forecast built on actual, real-time data.


    SITEVIEW™ featured on Consulting Redefined: An Anser Advisory Podcast

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    SiteView™ Features

    • Real-time Schedule Control
    • Site Workforce Visibility
    • Data Capture/Archive
    • Video Progress/Playback
    • PM Software Integration
    • Construction Management
    • Program Management
    • Innovative Delivery
    • Project Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Stakeholder Reporting
    • Budget Control
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Safety Oversight
    • Site Notifications
    • Access Control

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    Read the one-pager to learn more about SiteView™ — the next generation of specialized construction management.

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    SiteView™ provides owners with an unmatched level of visibility and control over their projects, ultimately leading to project success. Get the eBook to learn more.

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    With traditional means of managing projects, unseen problems build early and often. Read how SiteView™ can help ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

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    SiteView™: The Next Generation of Specialized Construction Management Podcast

    In this episode, Rick Fernandez discusses the construction management product, SiteView™, with guests Leigh Valudes, Chief Innovation Officer, and Amed Alas, Risk Management and Senior Technical Scheduler.

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    Solution Lead

    Leigh Valudes-2
    Leigh Valudes, CMQ-OE, PMP®, LEED-AP
    Chief Innovation Officer

    Leigh is the Chief Innovation Officer at Anser Advisory. His 20+ years of experience include strategic planning, innovation programs, quality programs, business operations, and training, mission analysis, performance-based requirements, national security programs, program/project management, and energy & environmental policy management. Leigh has been a top adviser to several marquee federal clients, and large-scale programs for private-sector, state & local, and university clients. His vast experience led him to co-develop and facilitate the Leadership Development Program. Leigh has a bachelor’s degree in government and history from the University of Delaware and American University’s National Semester Program with a focus on national & foreign policy. He is enrolled at Harvard University studying for a Master’s in Business Management. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, a Certified Manager of Quality in Organization Excellence (CMQ-OE), and a certified LEED Accredited Professional (LEED-AP).