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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
Green Line Extension
Project Management

After years of planning and design, the $2.3B Green Line Extension (GLX) program included 4.5 miles of new track, six new stations and 24 new vehicles, was more than a billion dollars over budget and federal and state agencies had pulled their support for the program citing cost control and management failures. As a team of consulting engineers worked to value engineer the program and design to bring the GLX project back into budget, Anser was brought in to identify the organization, people and tools necessary for the successful on-time, on-schedule delivery of the GLX. Anser’s recommendations brought the project’s budget back into its approved $2.3B range and the Governor decided to move forward with the GLX program. Anser has worked with the MBTA to assemble a team of the nation’s best and brightest transit executives, create the organizational structure for the team that will ensure accountability and performance, and facilitate a controls and reporting system that will maximize effective decision making for GLX program as it moves toward completion.

MBTA Green Line Extension