Project Info

County of San Diego
FY 17-18 Road Maintenance Project Asphalt Concrete Overlay “C”
Construction Management
San Diego County, California

The Challenges

Anser provided a resident engineer and two Inspectors for the nearly $10M County overlay program which consisted of 122 locations, totaling over 30 miles of roadway improvements. The program consisted of a combination of asphalt overlays and mill and inlays which utilized both Type A Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and Polymer Modified Asphalt Concrete (PMAC). Prior to mainline paving, digouts and asphalt concrete leveling repairs were made at locations identified by County maintenance personnel and verified by the Anser CM Team. The Anser team coordinated all material testing with the County material laboratory. The project also included AC dike replacement, fog seal, ADA ramp improvements, video detection signal improvements, and striping. The Anser team was also responsible for ensuring that traffic control had been set up and maintained based on the approved traffic control plans.