Project Info

City of Seal Beach
Seal Beach Pier Reconstruction
Construction Management Services
Seal Beach, California


The Challenges

Recovering from a devastating fire in 2014, the Seal Beach Pier in Seal Beach, California was reconstructed. Reconstruction included major structural, deck and utility repairs. The Pier was reopened in May 2019 just before Memorial Day and the start of the summer season. For three years, the over 100-year-old wooden pier has been partially closed to pedestrian traffic as the City gathered funds, permits and expertise to perform the necessary repairs. These repairs and upgrades, which total over $8 Million, included the installation of over 12,300 square feet of Greenheart decking, reinstallation and upgrade of almost 25,000 combined linear feet of fire protection, sewer, electrical, communication and potable water utilities, refurbishment and upgrade of light poles, and upgrades to various beach-front amenities such as lifeguard tower network infrastructure, drinking fountains, restrooms and fish sinks.

As the construction management team, Anser guided the City in making informed repair and budgetary decisions as previously undetected damage and compromised structural members are discovered. Utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge in marine construction and engineering, Anser has been able to advise on construction processes and methods and expertly guide the project’s schedule, contract changes, and budgets. The project was delivered under budget and on schedule.

Structural improvements, including repair and replacement of piles, caps and stringers compromised by both the fire and the severe marine environment, account for the majority of the repair costs. Anser, partnered with a structural engineering sub-consultant and launched a forward-thinking structural investigation which enabled the City to budget for future repair needs that are outside of the current contract scope. In addition to engineering and management advisory, the City also entrusted Anser to work closely with various agencies to ensure the project’s permit compliance and sensitivity to local ecosystems, including the safety of marine and avian life.