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City of Roseville
Zero Emission Bus Feasibility Study and Business Plan
Project Management and Advisory Services
Roseville, California

The Challenges

In June 2019, Anser Advisory was part of a winning team contracted by the City to conduct a zero-emission bus feasibility study and business plan for Roseville, CA in Placer County. The primary driving factor for Roseville’s bus fleet electrification efforts is the recent CARB ICT regulations, but also exploring the business case and cost savings associated with operating electric buses versus diesel buses. The project will help Roseville plan for future EV bus purchases and prepare the necessary infrastructure to support a fully zero-emission transit fleet.

The project included several key elements including a detailed route analysis to determine which available buses can meet Roseville’s service needs, developing a charging strategy and load profile that avoided charging during peak times, a financial analysis, and a facility needs assessment. The financial analysis shows the total incremental spend of future bus purchases and operating costs through 2040 for a phase-in EV fleet and a business as usual scenario. The financial analysis included bus costs, charger costs, installation costs, energy costs based on the load profile we developed, maintenance costs, and available state and utility incentive programs for EV buses and charging infrastructure. This project is currently in progress and Anser’s team expects to present the final business plan in October 2020. The next steps will be assisting Roseville draft an RFP and technical specifications for the first five commuter buses and chargers based on the route analysis, charging analysis, and facility site analysis. Roseville intends to operate the buses by Q4 2021.

 Zero Emission Bus Feasibility Study