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Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Capital Improvement Program
Program Management
Chicago, IL

The Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) operates the second largest transit system in the United States. The CTA’s multibillion-dollar capital improvement plan includes the single largest modernization project undertaken in its history. The five-year capital improvement program modernizes infrastructure to improve the travel experience for riders, reduce commuting times and strengthen safety and security. The program includes a wide range of projects, from rehabilitating track, replacing viaducts, and restoring or building new rail stations, to improving accessibility, removing rail slow zones and adding new technologies. Transit Capital Partners, a joint venture partner of Anser, Patrick Engineering and Gannett Fleming, manage the CTA’s overall capital improvement program. Within the partnership, Anser’s focus is on strategically improving how the CTA delivers its program and on managing its program controls and administration.

CTA Capital Improvement Program