Project Info

School District 27J
Rodger Quist Middle School
Owners Representative
Thornton, Colorado

The Challenges

This 132,000,000-square-foot facility, for students in grades 6-8, is located on 21 acres of land and includes a two-story classroom wing featuring state-of-the-art technology, administration area, gymnasium, cafeteria, media center, athletic fields and more. It is a prototype of the Stuart and Prairie View Middle Schools, built by Saunders Construction. Although the new facility concluded construction in October 2019, Quist Middle School opened in fall of 2018 and was operating out of the new Riverdale Ridge High School across the street. Students will move into the new middle school when the facility is fully completed in 2020. The new facility includes natural daylight to all teaching spaces and public circulation areas, an on-site non-potable water system for irrigation, a flexible plan layout limiting after-hours access to teaching spaces, and automated lighting controls for greater energy efficiency.

 Rodger Quist Middle School