Project Info

MCP “Sweeney” Mitigation Site
Construction Management
Riverside, CA

The Challenges

This 100-day project consisted of creating a 36-acre mitigation site on an existing 100-acre farmland parcel for RCTC’s future Mid County Parkway project. In order to create the mitigation site, the contractor had to create a depression adjacent to the San Jacinto River. To create the depression, the contractor had to move 200,000 CY of dirt from the depression area to a stockpile elsewhere on the project site. Once the proposed grades were achieved, a hydroseed was placed on the site with a seed mixture made up of local and rare plant species. Because of the strict permit requirements, Anser coordinated with biological, cultural, archeological and tribal monitors to ensure compliance during the project. Anser provided resident engineer, field inspection, and office engineering support for this $1.8M project.