Project Info

City of Cuyahoga Falls
Downtown Transformation
Construction Management Services
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The Challenges

Between the 1970s and 1990s, Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls was known to the community as the city center pedestrian mall. With indoor shopping malls quickly disappearing and the demand for accessible downtowns on the rise, The City of Cuyahoga Falls created the Downtown Transformation project. This unique project changed the face and function of Cuyahoga Falls for many years to come. Pavement and utility upgrades coupled with aesthetic improvements and new recreational amenities paved the way for a beautiful, modern, and safe focal point for the City. Cuyahoga Falls chose the design-build project delivery method for this high-profile project, H.R. Gray, an Anser Advisory Company, provided design-build contractor services. As part of the Downtown Transformation, several streets including Front Street, Second Street, Oakwood Drive, and Stow Ave received newly-resurfaced pavement, along with new or upgraded ADA- compliant curb ramps, new sewers, and upgraded traffic control devices. To improve each citizen’s traffic experience, the project created multiple changes in traffic patterns. These included modifying Second Street to bi-directional traffic from Oakwood Drive to Northland Street, as well as converting Front Street to bi-directional traffic from Oakwood Drive to State Rt. 59.