Project Info

City of Columbus
Wastewater PCM
Program & Construction Management Services
Columbus, Ohio

The Challenges

As part of the City of Columbus’ continuing program to upgrade and maintain their wastewater treatment and support facilities, a series of capital construction projects have been programmed to provide efficient, reliable, cost effective operations, and enhance personnel safety. H.R. Gray, an Anser Advisory Company, has been the lead construction management consultant for over 20 years totaling over 70 projects. H.R. Gray provides construction management services including project controls, administration, and field oversight to manage the work from bid phase through closeout. H.R. Gray verifies that contractor schedules have logical work sequences, and appropriate resources. We use these cost loaded schedules to monitor progress and track costs of the various construction projects. At the construction site, H.R. Gray monitors contractor activities to confirm that quality and safety measures are carried out as specified and that inspections and testing were performed as required. The H.R. Gray staff works closely with the City of Columbus staff, the contractors, and design professionals to resolve field issues and mandate timely responses to requests for information, change notices, and similar items. Special attention is placed on coordinating all construction activities with the plant maintenance and operations staff, as the facilities remained open and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year.