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H.R. Gray, an Anser Advisory Company, developed a proprietary training program that details the proper design, construction, and inspection of American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps. The training, which can be customized to a two-hour session or span as long as a two-day charrette, has been provided to more than 1,850 individuals, including decision and policy makers, lawyers, engineers, construction personnel, municipal staff, advocate groups, and others. Key topics covered in the training include the history of the ADA and the policy implications of the Act through the technical details of design, construction, and inspection of ADA compliant ramps. H.R. Gray experts detail the many variables found in proposed curb ramp locations as well as the rigid regulations and guidelines governing construction of those ramps. In many cases, the training provides attendees with practical hands-on design experience in the field. H.R. Gray’s training sessions, which total approximately 75 classes, have occurred in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, and Tennessee. Participants include the City of Columbus, Ohio; the Metropolitan Government of Nashville, TN; Franklin County, Ohio; the City of Westerville, Ohio; the Ohio League of Municipal Lawyers; the Ohio Section of the Association of Highway Engineers; and the Ohio Municipal League.